EXCITING NEWS!  Hook Me Up - Rug Supplies has gone CELTIC!
I am delighted to be featuring David Rankine's beautiful Celtic patterns designed for Hook Me Up - Rug Supplies.  David is a musician, healer, lecturer and Celtic artist.  He lectures on a variety of topics such as The Book of Kells, Dark Age of the Divine, and leads healing workshops.  His Celtic designs can be found on jewellery, books, CD covers, musical instruments and rugs.
David's illuminated letters, based on those found in The Book of Kells, are stunning works of art that will become family heirlooms.  For those who might not be quite ready for the challenge of a Celtic letter there are knot and circle designs.

I also do commission pieces for those special occasions such as weddings etc.

Come visit and make Hook Me Up - Rug Supplies your Celtic connection.