About us

  Hook Me Up Rug Supplies is located in Lake Charlotte on the beautiful undiscovered Eastern Shore.  I’m 15 minutes from Musqudoboit Harbour and minutes from both Clam Harbour beach and Memory Lane Heritage Village. Leaving Dartmouth you’ll have a picturesque drive passing lakes, cafes, bakeries, beaches and craft shops.

  I have worked in a variety of mediums over the years with many pleasant memories of hooking with my mother and aunts. I was also introduced to cross stitching, quilting, crocheting and knitting as a young girl.

  I discovered pottery in my twenties, quickly followed by weaving, stained glass, painting, and most recently, wood carving. Pottery I learned required strong hands and wrists, plus a love of muck - the first two ached like crazy and the last drove me crazy! The magic of weaving was a different world. It was absolutely captivating to work with yarns, silks, fine wools and linens. The harmony and rhythm of working with a loom is unlike any other craft. But, it was always an interesting challenge to switch from pliable, forgiving wool to the rigid and unforgiving medium of glass.

  As the fledglings began to leave the nest I stretched my wings and got both a degree from MSVU and started a job that I held for many years.as a framer specializing in textile stretching and lacing. It was at this time I became reintroduced to rug hooking - a craft that had become vastly different from the roses and Scottie-dog mats of my childhood. A cottage craft had evolved into art on the wall!

  Over the years I’ve been fortunate to attend numerous work shops and rug schools where I’ve been honoured to have had such teachers as Doug Rankin, Doris Norman, Nancy Blood, and Deanne Fitzpatrick to name just a few. I’ve taken classes in a variety of techniques such as primitive, Celtic, fine shading, sculpting etc.

  While the tradition of rug hooking is alive and well in Nova Scotia and holding its own as a unique art form, I discovered there were no supply shops on the Eastern Shore. I decided to rectify this situation and opened “Hook Me Up Rug Supplies” on April 1st 2007. It somehow seemed an appropriate day for a fool to go into business!

  I’ll look forward to seeing you. Come visit me and let me “Hook You Up”.

  My home is a scent-free environment. I request you respect this please.

  Absolutely no perfume or hairspray.